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Čelesnik Dental Centre

Čelesnik Dental Centre

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Čelesnik Dental Centre

My name is Rok Čelesenik. I am a dentist and the third generation of our family of dentists, who since 1952 have been dedicated to the health and treatment of the oral cavity. Experience and knowledge acquired in the 1970s is a basis for a deeper understanding of the influence between disease-related effects on teeth and the surrounding tissue on general health.

Treatment in the Čelesnik Dental Centre begins with a discussion and diagnosis, which comprises a clinical check-up and a 2D x-ray (orthopantomogram) or cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT).

From the information acquired, we create a treatment plan and discuss it with the patient. Together with my colleagues, we ensure complete treatment of the tooth, roots and surrounding tissue. By combining the knowledge of a dentist and dental technician, we are able to provide comprehensive aesthetic and functional conservative or prosthetic solutions for teeth.

We replace missing teeth with prosthetic replacements: fully ceramic CAD/CAM crowns, implants or with prosthetic-supported implants. After completing my training in 1996 at the Branemark Centre in Gothenburg, I inserted the first two implants into a lower jaw, which are still functioning to this day. The majority of prosthetic products are made with the help of CAD/CAM technology, which makes the process easier for both the patient and us as no imprints are required.

We monitor the technological developments in the field of dentistry. In our dental centre we use the most modern equipment, including: local x-rays, 2D/3D CBCT x-ray machine, laser, 3Shape/Trios scanner, CNC dental lathe, microscopes, etc.

At the Čelesnik Dental Centre we only use premium materials.

A combination of a clear final goal, a treatment plan, teamwork and patient co-operation lead to a healthy smile.

Rok Čelesnik, Doctor of Dental Medicine



A local, panoramic or CBCT X-ray is a necessary process in diagnosing and planning treatment and can be carried out at the Čelesnik Dental Centre.

Oral hygiene

You can do the most yourself in terms of oral hygiene, however, occasionally it is necessary to visit a dental hygienist, who will clean your teeth and acquaint you will the correct techniques for cleaning teeth.


There are numerous reasons for the formation of tooth decay and many of the factors are intertwined. After removing a decayed tooth we make a white filling in order to reconstruct the tooth.

Root treatment

Root treatment is a lengthy and precise process, which requires additional specialist knowledge and use of the most modern equipment.

Fixed and removable prosthetics

We use digital technology (CAD/CAM) to make porcelain or zirconia crowns, which fully ensures the functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of the tooth.

Treating surrounding tissue

In our dental centre, a specialist in paradontology treats periodontitis – shrinkage of the gums or bone.

Oral surgery

We carry out procedures such as removing teeth, resection of roots and excision of the mucosa under local anaesthetic.


We replace lost teeth with Straumann dental implants, which are inserted into the bone, thus replacing the root of the natural tooth.

SI-4260 Bled | Prešernova cesta 15 | Slovenia

Phone: +386 (0)4 574 11 60

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